About me

Hi, I'm Emy.

I have been working in the Business Process Outsourcing industry for the past 8 years. I have handled different roles, from business development, project management, content, email and social media marketing to operations management. I have worked with coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, tradies, and SMEs from different industries.


I think of myself as a BUSINESS SIDEKICK. I work with SMEs and solopreneurs who are looking to outsource their processes from digital marketing services, administration, content, social and email marketing to website development. These many hats feed my fire and challenge me to keep learning and growing.


I like to draw on my experience and leverage my network to support my clients in their various needs. My goal is to help you simplify your processes, identify your priorities, and get support where required. While businesses share common challenges, every business is unique and require strategies and services tailored to your needs and circumstances.

I am the Founder/Owner of the Philippines Outsourcing Directory, an online listing of  BPO and Call Center Companies in the Philippines. The site aims to connect companies with the right outsourcing partner.

Education & Certification

Master of Business Management

University of the Philippines at Los Baños

Digital Marketing

Google Digital Garage (886 56Z JLF)

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (ICBB)

International Association for Six Sigma Certification

This is Fury

Fury is my furry assistant and personal alarm clock.  He is named after  Nicholas Joseph Fury of the MCU (yup – MCU and Samuel L Jackson fan here).


Fury sleeps on the job most of the time, but you might hear him barking in the background (like a good guard dog) or popping in during virtual meetings (especially when his walk schedule is affected) so I apologize in advance.


You can check out Fury’s adventures on Instagram @fury_mighty.

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